Homesteading: The New Definition

There was a time where a person or family could stake their own land, build a home and farm and then buy the land from the state or federal government for next to nothing. What a time to be alive!

While traditional homesteading is a thing of the past, there’s a new wave of homesteaders who are leaving behind stable jobs with guaranteed incomes to live a simpler life where nothing is promised and hard work is the only thing you can rely on.

These people are the pioneers of the Modern Age. Brave enough to break free from societal rules that tell them more is better and bigger is a must. They’re escaping the rat race in cities and suburbs across America to take a step back in time where life is fulfilling based on what you don’t have.

The new definition of homesteading would look something like this:
“Selling your possessions and leaving the city to live in the country.
Living without utility bills.
Not having access to running water, flushing toilets and consistent flows of electricity.
Relying on your personal skills, abilities, and knowledge to work the land.
Living a self-subsistent lifestyle.”

Modern homesteading is a life with limited Electronics if any at all. A Life where there are no utility bills and survival depends on your abilities. It’s up to you and you alone to ensure you have food on the table. It’s working the land to grow that food and knowing how to store it properly without a refrigerator. Modern homesteading includes homeschooling your children; with the focus of their education being based on self-reliance.

Modern homesteading includes trade and barter with locals. It’s a tight community of like-minded individuals who want to succeed in a lifestyle that most are afraid to even think about. Homesteading today can still be done, albeit differently, then in the past. But here’s the key: You don’t need 100’s of acres to have a thriving homestead.

Most modern homesteaders embrace technology while still avoiding the trap that is all-encompassing. In other words, utilizing Solar power as opposed to the electric grid. Sure, it’s not as reliable as the grid, but it’s just as effective and there’s no monthly bill. Chainsaws, log splitters, ATV’s and snow machines are all part of the modern homesteaders’ life. Doesn’t sound so different than most folks in the city or suburbs, right? The difference is that homesteaders also know how to live abundantly without those things as well.

This is our journey as well. We’ve left our possessions behind and started living a lifestyle that is fulfilling for reasons we would have never imagined. Join us in the adventure by following our blog and connecting with us on social media. What we’re doing isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary by any means.  However, when we began this journey we had so many questions, and searched for months online and for people to talk to.

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