2019 Homestead Plans

I told you I was going to share our plans for 2019 with you all, so here it is.  This is the first time we’ve ever put our plans and thoughts into writing, so you’ll have to bear with me if I haven’t done it ‘correctly’.

To be clear upfront, this isn’t a goals list, and it isn’t related to making New Year’s resolutions.  These are just the things we have planned for the coming year.  We hope we can get them all done, but the reality of this off-grid homesteading lifestyle is that sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

To start out with, you should know most of these are weather related, meaning they won’t happen until the summer.

  • Build a woodshed:

We didn’t have time this year to build a covered structure for our wood piles.  We have vowed to do that this summer so that we don’t have to shovel all the snow off the tarps.  This will help make our lives easier in the winter, but will also extend the life of our wood.  And as you well know, wood is an absolute necessity up here!

  • Build a shop:

Mr. Midnight needs a shop that he can work in year round.  This means he needs something covered, insulated, and that he can warm with a wood stove in the winter.  There is always something that needs to be worked on, repaired, or maintained and it’s hard to do all that when it’s snowing or cold outside.  He’s been a champ about it so far, but it’s time he treated himself to some comfort.

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  • Build a small greenhouse:

I’ve been wanting to garden for a while now, but with all the moving and building we’ve had going on over these past 3 years, it just hasn’t been a feasible thing to do.  This year, I have vowed that I will build a small, makeshift greenhouse.  I have decided to only grow herbs this year because they are easy to grow in small spaces, and we use a ton of them!

  • Get chickens

We had chickens 2 years ago, but we weren’t ready for them and didn’t have a space for them.  So this year, I plan on revamping the old playhouse/fort and turning it into the chicken coup.  I have to make sure that we can have a safe, spacious place for the chickens, but get ready for crazy chicken lady posts!

  • 52 loaves of bread

I’ve been trying my hand at making bread over the last 3 years but nothing consistent.  This year, I plan on making one loaf of bread every week.  Each week will be a different loaf, and I’ll share the recipe and how it turns out each week.

  • Helping others

For 2019, we’re going to up the stakes and offer you, our dear readers, a chance to grow your knowledge.  We’ve decided to take our knowledge and share it with those who want to learn.  This isn’t just average sharing, it’s in-depth training that will take you to a whole new level of being prepared and being able to survive on your own.

When we started this website, we did so with the intention of being able to help others make the transition from a 9-5 job into a self-sustaining lifestyle.  The feedback we’ve received over the years shows us that not only is there an interest from others to learn, but they value what we have to teach them.

2019 will see the launch of a preppers/survivalist series of online training courses and an online training course for those looking to learn exactly what they need to do to start their own off-grid or homestead journies on a pennies budget.

That about does it for our big plans in 2019.  We would love to hear some of what you have planned, so share it with us below in the comments!

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