About Us

We’re Kirk and Diana.  Together with our youngest son of 12 years old, we’ve been in Alaska since March 2016.  It’s been an adventurous year and we’ve loved every minute of it.  We knew we wanted to be off-grid and self-sustainable, but we didn’t realize homesteading was in our future.

Alaska is the last great state in the U.S.A.  With unrestrictive laws that are friendly toward off-grid living, homeschooling, and a self-sustainable lifestyle, we knew this is where we wanted to be.  While traditional homesteading is a thing of the past, those wishing to take a step back in time to a simpler way of life can still find it here.

A simpler way of life isn’t an easy way of life.  It’s hard work day in and day out.  It’s said you need to be adventurous and a little crazy to want to live this way and quite frankly we’re a good mix of both.  I’ve always been the planner between the two of us, and Kirk has always been the free spirit.  Together we work great because he keeps me following our dreams, and I keep him a little bit grounded.

Meet Kirk.  Kirk has always had a knack for fixing and building things.  He loves to be busy all the time, enjoys rafting the rivers, cutting down trees, and learning.  Even when he’s still his mind has to be occupied. I lovingly refer to him as a plethora of useless knowledge, because he’s the kind that can read an encyclopedia and retain the information.  He has always been able to figure how to solve any problem in his path.

Kirk has worked about every trade you can think of.  From framing homes, to general contracting, to oil and gas, he’s tried it all. Nothing ever quite satisfied him fully and the quest for freedom began. A natural born thrill seeker and adventurer, he has no problem trying new things.  His desire was to leave behind a life filled with things to live a life filled with memories the average person doesn’t get the chance to make.

Meet Diana.  (That’s me) I’m the writer and the tech side of this adventure.  I love expressing myself through words and enjoy photography as well.  Most (although not all) images you see on our website will be from me. After spending 15 years looking for a career that “felt right”, I was finally blessed with a wonderful opportunity to work for one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.   While I absolutely loved my job and the people I worked with, I just knew there had to be more to life than the daily grind.

My biggest obstacle in finding a fulfilling life was myself.  From a young age I was ingrained with the idea that an adult has to work every day, day in and day out, live in the same home their entire life, and fit the ‘mold’ of society.  I thank God daily for my husband, because without him I would still be in the daily grind in the same old place I was 20 years ago.  It is my husband that fuels my desire to be free from trappings that society tells you are normal.

Meet Vance.  Vance is 12 and so much like his father in every way.  He has always been in his element if there is water, dirt, or a combination of both involved.  He has his fathers sense of adventure that allows him to have a carefree fun and enjoy things no matter where it’s at or what it involves.  Vance enjoys fishing, rafting, playing in the mud and climbing things.

He has learned over this past year how to build structures, small engine repair, operating a chain saw and how to drive a D-6 CAT Dozer.  He often tell us that he has so many more opportunities to learn things than most kids his age.  Vance also just successfully completed his first year of homeschooling, and for that we are all three thankful!

We’ve created this blog so that you can see the adventures of modern day homesteading in Alaska.  We both work from the home, I freelance online and he fixes and builds things for us and others.  Trade and bartering in Alaska is still alive and well, and this is how we take care of our monthly needs and save a little as well.

You will see links throughout our blog to items we have purchased, or items we have reviewed and written about.  These are links for you to purchase these items as well if you’re interested.  Should you make a purchase through any of our links, please know you will never pay any additional amount for the product.  We have these links because it is our hope that we can harness the power of technology, social media and word of mouth to build a residual income for us to use to get the things necessary to build our homestead.  It is our hope that in the years to come we will be able to offer for sale items we make on our homestead and those will be available as links as well.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit our site and we hope you enjoy the posts.  As always, we encourage and look forward to your feedback and comments.