Homesteading Preppers

We hadn’t really given much thought to the idea that we’re preppers or survivalists until someone mentioned it to us recently. The truth of the matter is that we have both felt for years now that something big is coming Continue Reading

2019 Homestead Plans

I told you I was going to share our plans for 2019 with you all, so here it is.  This is the first time we’ve ever put our plans and thoughts into writing, so you’ll have to bear with me Continue Reading

2018 Year In Review

Let me start by saying, I simply cannot believe 2018 is nearly over!  I have no idea where this year went or how it flew by so fast.  Did it feel that way to you as well? The good news Continue Reading

3 Ways You Can Prepare For Winter Travel

You’ve got the bags packed and loaded into your car for a winter road trip, but could you survive in your vehicle if something were to happen to you? It happens every winter, thousands of people set out on a Continue Reading

A Sign of the Times: Barbie and Her Chicks!

Barbie has come a long way. From science to the arts, agriculture to athletics and oceans to ice, this doll has done it all. Now, she’s bringing food to the table by planting crops and taking care of chickens! It’s a Continue Reading

4 Skills Your Child Needs To Know Before Entering Kindergarten

*This page contains affiliate links.  To learn more, please visit THIS page.* Kindergarten is supposed to be fun and educational, and allow children an opportunity to blossom because it is usually the first time the tykes are away from their Continue Reading

Math Made Easy – 3 Ways to Interact with Math Mammoth

*This post may contain affiliate links.  To learn more, please visit THIS page.* Math Mammoth–What is it? Math Mammoth is a fun and interactive collection of digital lessons and worksheets focused on developing math skills in children of all ages. Continue Reading

5 Winter Confessions

*This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, please visit this page.* It’s no secret that winter in Alaska can be tough.  While there are lots of things we can do to keep ourselves busy and entertained, it can Continue Reading

Luck Has Nothing To Do With

So often we are told how lucky we are to live where we live or to be able to live the lifestyle we are living.  Guess what?  Luck has nothing to do with it! That’s right, nowhere in what we’re Continue Reading

You Won’t Find Him On The Cross

When I was a young teen, I wanted a necklace of Christ on the cross.  My parents wouldn’t allow it, and after many times of asking and much debate over the subject, I asked plainly one day why not.  My Continue Reading