2019 Homestead Plans

I told you I was going to share our plans for 2019 with you all, so here it is.  This is the first time we’ve ever put our plans and thoughts into writing, so you’ll have to bear with me Continue Reading

Breakfast Yule Log

  If you’ve ever had a Yule Log, you’ll know they taste great and are fun to make.  But have you ever tried a breakfast twist on this classic tradition?  Check out this Breakfast Yule Log recipe from The Hotel Saugatuck Continue Reading

Homemaking the Homesteaders Way

So, you want to homestead or live off-grid but you’re not sure what you’ll need?  Here I am to help you discover the necessities of homemaking the homesteaders’ way.  You will notice after reading this list that nothing on here Continue Reading

Banana Granola

One thing about homesteading or off-grid living is making use of everything you have. We never want anything to go to waste so this means getting creative with recipes. The other day, I happened to look at our bananas and Continue Reading

Why Cast Iron Is My Best Friend

  I love cooking with cast iron.  It took me a while to figure it out, so don’t get discouraged if you find yourself using it and it takes you a while to get the knack of it.  Once you Continue Reading

Birch on Tap – The Making of Birch Syrup

  Birch water is nature’s energy drink.  It’s loaded with zinc, potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, sodium, and iron.  It also has amazing anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and cleansing properties.  Birch water has been proven to lower cholesterol, support liver Continue Reading

Easy Lentil Soup

Lentil soup isn’t hard to make, and frankly, there isn’t any wrong way to do it.  This is our recipe for Lentil soup, keeping in mind we often use whatever we have available to make it.  This recipe is the Continue Reading