Disgusting Anatomy for the Science Lover

If you’ve got a kiddo like mine, they’ll love these Disgusting Anatomy kits by Fat Brain Toys.

Your kids will love the sticky, squishy feel of these brains and hearts and they’ll be learning about Anatomy at the same time.

Right now, you can get these on sale for just $11.99 each!

Learn all about how the brain is organized into four main parts – the Cerebrum, the Cortex, the Cerebellum, and the Brain Stem – And discover what tasks each one controls.

Or, use it to totally gross out your friends or act out a horrifically disgusting zombie movie scene – There are so many ways to learn and have fun, your own brain will be spinning with hours of excitement!

Then – Want to explore even further? – Grab the bonus half-sphere mold to create a disgusting eyeball and then learn about how the eyes work and how they’re connected to the brain.



Discover how the heart pumps blood throughout your ENTIRE body to provide it with oxygen and clean out the carbon dioxide.

Study your newly made, sticky, gross, and amazingly realistic gelatin heart to explore the different parts of the heart and how it all works.



Remember, you can save an additional 10% sitewide when you enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout.  Code expires December 15, 2017.

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