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We hadn’t really given much thought to the idea that we’re preppers or survivalists until someone mentioned it to us recently. The truth of the matter is that we have both felt for years now that something big is coming and we knew we wanted to be located in a place where we would feel the impact as little as possible.

But preppers? Surely not us!  Those people are crazy, right?  I mean they’re always talking about the end of the world.  They run around like chickens without their heads screaming that the sky is falling! They talk about their guns, how many they have, what kinds they have, how to reload your own ammo, and think they’re master shots!  Preppers hoard things like crazy and their place is always a mess.  Preppers are a bunch of know-it-all, Bible-thumping, conspiracy theorists, right?

Well, actually, not really.  There are lots of different kinds of preppers out there and the more we’ve talked to people, the more we’ve figured out they’re normal people like you and me. Surprisingly enough, we are preppers, we just didn’t know it!

Backtrack a little bit here to the start of our Alaskan homesteading journey…

We both felt that the world was headed in a dangerous place, but that’s not exactly what led us to this lifestyle.  We both felt that there was an active attack on Christianity, but that’s not what let us here either. What led us to Alaska and our off-grid homestead adventure was a deep longing to live a simpler life. logo logo
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While it’s not simple by any stretch of the imagination, it’s so much more fulfilling than the life we lived in the concrete jungle. We work harder now than we ever did in any of our “normal” jobs, but the work we do now is for ourselves and our dreams, not someone else’s. The days are long, many of them are cold, and we’re tired by the end, but we love it.

Enter the prepping reality.  We realized quickly living this lifestyle that we needed to be prepared for a variety of things.  I mean, it’s not like we can just head to the local grocery store anytime we want to buy groceries for the evening meal.  The nearest grocery store is 40 miles away!  And because it’s such a remote store, the prices are high.  So I have learned how to stockpile, which means that I had to learn how to inventory our supplies and keep track of it all.

We also live on a very tight budget by choice.  This means we don’t run to town for fuel or propane on a regular basis.  We use wood as the primary source of heating our cabin and cooking/baking our food.  We track down to the penny what we’re spending before we spend it. So, what does this have to do with prepping you may ask? Well, it’s made us aware of what we can do to be supplied, we’ve learned alternative methods for many things, and I’ve learned how to use what grows in nature to treat many things that most people would normally buy otc medications for.

For us, prepping means that we know how to survive any event, including an EMP, without having to adjust our lifestyle drastically.

Because of the lifestyle we live, we have been able to learn how to survive without electricity, without running water, without most modern conveniences.  It doesn’t mean we don’t ever use modern conveniences, but we know how to do without them.

The next post, I’m going to teach you how to build up a food stockpile easily, quickly, and efficiently.  You don’t want to miss that post, because it will save you time, money, and frusteration!

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