Joanna Gaines’s New Children’s Book Comes Out This Month

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Nashville, Tenn. — Magnolia co-founder and New York Times bestselling author Joanna Gaines will publish her first children’s book, We Are the Gardeners, on March 26, 2019, with Tommy Nelson.

In We Are the Gardeners, Joanna and her kids chronicle the adventures of starting their own family garden. From their failed endeavors, obstacles to overcome (like bunnies that eat everything!), and all the knowledge they’ve gained along the way, the Gaines family shares how they learned to grow a happy, successful garden.

“The garden has always been a place that inspires me. There’s something about digging deep into fresh soil or watching new life burst from what was not long ago just a tiny seed that reinforces what a gift life is,” said Joanna. “I think that’s part of why my kids have come to love spending time in the garden just as much as I do. It can be a great teacher, if we pause long enough to notice all there is to learn. Where every day can be a lesson in hard work, and sometimes even in failure, but where there’s also growth worth celebrating. This book is our way of sharing what the garden means to us, and the many adventures we’ve had along the way!”

Children and their families will be able to start their own gardens, learn how to take care of plants, and enjoy the fruits of their labors together. As it turns out, trying something new isn’t always easy, but the hardest work often yields the greatest reward—there are always new lessons waiting to be learned in the garden!

Julianna Swaney’s illustrations bring the Gaines’s family garden to life with colorful, whimsical watercolors in We Are the Gardeners, inviting readers to enjoy the beauty a thriving garden provides.

This will be the Gaines family’s fifth book with HarperCollins Publishers. Their previous books include The Magnolia Story (Thomas Nelson), Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff (Thomas Nelson); Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering (William Morrow Cookbooks); and Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave (Harper Design).


About the Author

Joanna Gaines, author of We Are the Gardeners (March 26)

Joanna Gaines is the co-founder of Magnolia, a home and lifestyle brand that she started with her husband, Chip, in 2003. She is the bestselling author of The Magnolia Story, Magnolia Table, and Homebody, as well as editor-in-chief of Magnolia Journal, a lifestyle magazine offering inspiration for your life and home. The Gaineses, along with their five kids, live on a farm in Waco, Texas, where they enjoy caring for their bustling family garden.






I was excited to be able to receive a review copy of this book because like everything else Joanna Gaines does, I knew I would love it.  But I wasn’t prepared to be blown away!

This book is filled with page after page of stunning artwork!  21 pages in total.  Vibrant colors, relatable character images, and the realness of each scene really made me pause.

But then when you get into the story, it really makes you think about the wonder and awe of life in all its forms.  It’s really about more than just gardening, it’s about how the garden can help teach your kids some great values in life.

Values such as work ethic, being dependable, reliable, and consistent.  Your kids will see how gardening can help them be innovative, creative, and compassionate.  They’ll learn optimism, courage, and perseverance through the trials a garden can provide.

Aside from these wonderful life-lessons, they’ll see that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor as they gather around the table.

It’s a great length for younger kids, and I believe that is the intended audience.  It’s written in a way that younger children can relate with.  In the end, this book exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it for anyone who gardens or wants to garden with their children or grandchildren.

Absolutely 2 thumbs WAY up for this one!

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