Math Made Easy – 3 Ways to Interact with Math Mammoth

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Math Mammoth–What is it?

Math Mammoth is a fun and interactive collection of digital lessons and worksheets focused on developing math skills in children of all ages. You will find lessons that range from basic addition and subtraction to more advanced subjects like statistics and linear equations.

My kid finds the no-nonsense, straightforwardness of this book more to his liking.” – Tammy L. via Educents

One of the coolest and most innovate aspects of Math Mammoth is the variety of ways kids can interact with it!

Since it is a digital package, you can complete pages on a computer or print out the worksheets. But that’s not all! You can also use Math Mammoth on an iPad using annotation software. This is a great way to get your children learning on the go!


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Click the video below to see Math Mammoth in action. Experience how to use the lessons on a computer and on a tablet, and how to print the hands-on activities.

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Three Interactive Ways to Learn with Math Mammoth

  1. On the computer
  2. On a tablet
  3. Hands-on: choose the pages you print

Need a Specific Topic?

You can purchase subjects individually, which can often be appropriate for up to three grade levels. For example, Early Geometry is great for grades 1-3, Geometry 1 is for grades 4-5, and Geometry 2 is for 6th-7th grade.


Two Amazing Ways to Save!

Math Mammoth Blue

math mammoth

If you are interested in a series of workbooks focusing on different subjects, Math Mammoth Blue is the way to go!

Math Mammoth Blue features all the content you need for students in grades 1-7, broken down into categories such as fractions, money, and geometry. These are great for filling in learning gaps!

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Math Mammoth Light Blue


If you want more of a complete curriculum, look no further than Math Mammoth Light Blue. This product is designed to teach over a year and features all of the content in Blue, plus cumulative reviews and tests. It also features a bonus Soft-Pak math software.

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Easy Access for All Ages

No matter their age or skill level, your children will experience great learning from Math Mammoth. The comprehensive nature of the program, the simplicity of use, and the way it delivers information make Math Mammoth the perfect companion for young learners.

This curriculum works! It’s easy to use. Almost no prep work required. Just open and go daily. I like it!” – Maranda – Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher

Math Mammoth will make your child’s troubles with math extinct before you know it!

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