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Thanksgiving week is upon us and many of us are making our lists and checking them twice.  This year treat the special women in your life to the gift of essential oils.  Renowned for their healing properties and trusted by millions of users, essential oils are a must-have for your medicine cabinet, bug-out-bag, and prepping supplies.

Find them here and order before they’re sold out.

Natural Home Care KitNatural Home Care Kit

A natural home is a happy home! Lose those “traditional” products that contain toxins and harsh chemicals. We absolutely love this kit and every item in it is worth its weight in gold!  My personal favorite is the Hard Surface Cleaner.  It works so well against grease, cooking oils, and other messes.  Plus it’s fabulous for doing dishes!

The kit includes Hard Surface Cleaner, Foaming Hand Soap, 16oz Spray Bottle, 100% Organic Wool Dryer Balls, 4oz Lavandin, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and Metal Pail.

Tohi Daily Renewal Kit

Deep Radiance Cleanser removes makeup and impurities without drying skin. The soft citrus aroma refreshes the skin as it provides deep cleansing action, leaving behind a smooth, clean face. Perfect for all skin types.

Sacred Skin Facial Moisturizer offers deep, age-defying hydration starts with Sacred Skin. Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with L22 and IBR-Gapture, our revolutionary anti-aging and tightening powerhouses. Skin texture takes on a radiant glow with the added benefits of our exclusive Sacred Frankincense. Treat your skin to intense, weightless hydration.

Lavender Greece 10ml Roll-On

Lavender Greece is a versatile oil that can provide a variety of solutions for your everyday needs. Use Lavender to loosen mucus associated with occasional environmental threats, freshen and disinfect the air in your home, relieve pain in muscles and joints after an intense workout, balance everyday tension and stress, and encourage restful sleep.

This roll-on comes pre-diluted at a five percent dilution and is safe to apply topically on adults.

Metal Aromatherapy Inhalers

Effective– Take three slow, deep inhalations to give yourself the extra boost you need.
Portable– The Personal Aroma Inhaler removes the need to carry all of your essential oils bottles. It is small, discreet and fits easily in a pocket, purse or backpack.
Personal –  Use your Personal Aroma Inhaler without fear of disturbing those around you; it’s perfect for small, shared space like a workspace, airplane or classroom.
Customize You are in control. Create the blend that is best for you and never leave home without it.

Nature’s Moisture

Nature’s Moisture is a lightweight, non-greasy and deeply moisturizing lotion that can be applied to hands and body. Shea butter encourages soft, smooth texture and Jojoba and Macadamia Seed oil bring moisture to dry skin. Increase the hydrating experience of Nature’s Moisture by mixing it with our 100% pure essential oils. Try using essential oils from our skin care collection. Nourish your skin from head-to-toe with this all-natural, unscented moisturizer.

Sweet Oasis

Sweet Oasis Essential Oil Blend presents a bright, invigorating aroma followed by a comforting warmth. Sweet Oasis features a refreshing mix of Copaiba, Cedarwood, Lime, Lavender, and Balsam of Peru.

*Formerly sold as Unwind


Citrus Passion

Citrus Passion Essential Oil Blend has a lively citrus aroma with a hint of warm sweetness from Balsam of Peru. Use the oil to help invigorate and stimulate energy. Try diffusing it at the beginning of your day for an enlivening effect, as well as to help disinfect the air. Citrus Passion Essential Oil may also assist in reducing stress and tension related to everyday activities, while also helping to reopen the emotional heart to heal.

Tohi Night’s Rest

Relax. Soothe. Unwind.

Ensure a peaceful night’s rest with the calming sensation and scent of Night’s Rest. Start a soothing nighttime ritual by massaging this lotion onto the hands, feet, legs, back or neck. Although it is non-habit-forming, Night’s Rest will quickly become a favorite bedtime experience for all ages. Let the natural ingredients help you drift off to sleep.

Blood Orange

The bright, just-peeled scent of Blood Orange Essential Oil is part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Relief and Cleaning collections. The gentle oil is great for any skin care routine, especially for those with dry, dehydrated or oily complexions.

Diffuse Blood Orange oil to help stimulate a cheerful mood and optimism. Blood Orange Essential Oil is a great oil to use when you need to experience a little joy. It’s also a great oil to diffuse in a child’s room to encourage a good night’s rest.

Black Vegan Leather Clutch

Elegant and sophisticated this essential oil clutch is perfect for traveling with your essential oils. Made with 100% vegan leather, the clutch accommodates seven 10ml roll-ons and six 15ml bottles. Perfect for traveling or a night on the town, the black vegan leather clutch will let you carry your essential oils everywhere you go in style. This clutch is great to carry alone or slip it into your bag for carrying convenience.

My clutch is currently holding the 7 roll-ons from the Chakra Blends Kit, the 6 15ml bottles from the Organic Essential Oil Kit, and 7 other 15ml bottles!  It’s a great way to store them in one place!


Rosewood Essential Oil has a medium‐strength sweet, slightly floral, camphoraceous and peppery aroma presenting a middle fragrance note.

The oil is gentle enough for any skin type, including oily, sensitive, and mature complexions. You can also add Rosewood to your DIY deodorants.

Use in an aroma inhaler or diffuse in your home to encourage deep contemplation about your spiritual self. Rosewood Essential Oil is also a great calming oil that may help deal with things one step at a time.


Commonly known as Lemon Balm, Common Balm, and Balm Mint, Melissa Essential Oil has a medium-strength fresh, herbaceous, and lemony aroma presenting a middle fragrance note.

Diffuse the oil in the evening for a good night’s rest. Melissa Essential Oil may have an uplifting effect on the mood, while also providing a leveling of aggravated emotions.

Add Melissa Essential Oil to your beauty routine, particularly if you have oily skin. However, note that it can be a dermal irritant for sensitive skin.

Lux Blue Marble Diffuser

Welcome the Lux Blue Marble Diffuser into your home. This beautiful, blue hand-blown glass pattern will accentuate any space as you diffuse your favorite essential oil, creating an aromatic and soothing atmosphere. The Lux Blue Marble Diffuser can hold up to 170 ml of water and has a runtime of up to 6 hours.


Christmas Morning Holiday Kit

Enjoy the scents of the season with the exclusive Christmas Morning Holiday Kit by Rocky Mountain Oils. Fill your home with the enticing aromas of sweet candy canes; fresh pine trees; or comforting cinnamon, orange, and clove.

Includes: Evergreen Dream 5ml, Candy Cane 5ml, Warm and Cozy  5ml

Relax + Unwind Spa Basket

Pamper yourself or the woman in your life with this incredible, pre-packaged Relax + Unwind Spa Basket. This basket is filled with premium, 100% natural products that can transform any bathroom into a 5-star spa!

It is especially important to make sure that you take time to relax during this holiday season! Soak, diffuse, moisturize, relax, and unwind using only the highest quality of essential oils, blends, and body butter.

*Limited Time Only | While Supplies Last

Fall Holiday Latte Kit

Enjoy the scents of your favorite holiday lattes with these exclusive, custom essential oil blends. Fill your home with the inviting aromas of Pumpkin Spice Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Eggnog Latte.

Includes: Peppermint Mocha 5 ml, Pumpkin Spice Latte 5 ml, Eggnog Latte 5 ml

Rose Quartz Skin Renewal Collection

Great for all skin types, Deep Radiance and Sacred Skin work synergistically together to hydrate, smooth, and promote a healthy-looking complexion. Crystals and facial rolling have been around for centuries and can help support a healthy body and complexion. You can use this Rose Quartz Facial Roller to assist in reducing redness, promoting circulation, and allowing for maximum absorption of your skin and beauty products.

Sparkling White Bundle

Give the gift of a naturally beautiful smile with our Sparkling White Bundle. This exclusive holiday gift includes our 100% natural Cool Mint Toothpaste along with a 100% Natural Bamboo Soft Bristle Toothbrush. These natural products work together to brighten up those pearly whites!

The Cool Mint Toothpaste is infused with 100% pure essential oils to whiten teeth, restore tooth enamel, and prevent tooth decay. The Natural Bamboo Toothbrush is 100% plant-based, made from bamboo wood and fibers. This toothbrush not only cleans your teeth and promotes overall dental health, but it is also 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Good Night’s Rest Collection

Give the gift of a restful slumber with the Good Night’s Rest Collection. With 100% natural products, this premium sleep collection includes our Tohi Night’s Rest Hand + Body Cream, Counting Sheep 10ml Roll-On, Epsom Salt, and 100% Natural Loofah. These wonderful products work together to bring feelings of relaxation, ease tension, and help you fall to sleep.

*Limited Time Only | While Supplies Last

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