A side business of ours is selling handmade Alaskan crafts and designs.  Previously available through Etsy, you can now purchase these items directly on our website.

Diana has been the owner of Seize the Moment, Alaskan Crafts and Designs for the last year.  In an effort to assist with monthly expenses, she has been making, designing, and photographing to offer you a piece of Alaska in your own home.  All the items containing photographs were done by Diana, these aren’t images you can find anywhere online.

For a custom touch, she also offers hand colored coasters and bookmarks.  Each design is a one of design ensuring you will have something unique.  Once the hand colored items are sold, they are never offered again.  It can take hours or even days to color these intricate designs, using permanent sharpie markers.  Once completed, she makes either bookmarks or coasters and seals them so that they will last for years. Coasters are offered in two ways, as a cork coaster with felt backing or as ceramic tile coasters with felt backings.

Coming soon: T-Shirts, Totes and more!