We Have Kids, What About School?

One thing you will find out about us is that we are huge proponents of Homeschooling.  In a world where public schools are pushing political agendas, do you really think your child is excelling?  Some do great in public school, don’t get me wrong.  I also know many wonderful public school teachers who love their students with all their hearts.  But even they are growing weary of what they are and aren’t ‘allowed’ to teach.

Society has shaped us into thinking that we can’t teach our own kids.  We’re good enough to teach them to read, write their names, learn the alphabet, their numbers, colors, shapes, and how to count, but we can’t really teach them?  We teach them to feed themselves, how to use the bathroom, how to bathe, but we can’t teach them anything else?  And most parents accomplish all this before the age of 5!

Why in the world wouldn’t you believe that you can teach them everything they’ll need to know to become productive members of society?

Our kids never really excelled in public school.  The oldest ones did alright, but they never really got to their full potential until after they had graduated.  While we didn’t homeschool the older ones, we we’re blessed with the opportunity to move into the homesteading lifestyle and along with that the door for homeschooling was opened.

What about socialization?  I get it, you’re worried about socialization.  If your kids are young you think that if they don’t go to public school, they’ll never learn to interact with others.  Think of it this way:

Socialization is defined as “the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society

When you look at the world today, is this what you want for your children?  Or would you rather have them stand up against what is acceptable to society and stand for what is right?

Here’s another thing to consider.  Homeschooling isn’t something we do all day.  In fact, I’ll tell you what most homeschool parents don’t want the rest of the world to know.  Our schooling is almost always over by noon, sometimes even sooner!  And we don’t even start until 9 am most days.  Imagine it, a few hours of ‘school’ and then the rest of the day is free for chores and opportunities that build character, life skills, and a survival knowledge that most adults don’t possess.

We aren’t finished so early because we don’t do much.  We do Bible, History/Geography, Science, Language Arts, Math, Technology, and Typing and more!  The thing is, he’s only one student, not one of 35!  We are more interested in mastering skills, meaning he actually learns what is presented to him.  We don’t have to teach to a set of tests, we hardly ever test anyway.  Why would I rush through a subject with him, then test him and give him a D?  If he hasn’t mastered it, we keep on it till he does!

Our son gets more sleep than any public-school student.  This means he wakes up easily, is in a good mood in the mornings, and has the capacity to learn.  He’s isn’t overwhelmed with 5 different extracurricular activities, yet he’s still busy and not in front of electronics in his free time.  Did you know kids prefer simplicity over constant action?  It’s not healthy for them to be on the go all their waking hours.  They don’t function well because they’re stressed out and haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Sure, he has moments throughout his day where he’s on his computer, playing a game or watching a video, but it’s not what he does in all his free time.  He plays outside, interacts with the animals, helps dad fix or build things.  He helps me prepare meals, tidies up in the cabin, chops wood and helps haul it in.  He’s physically busy and all these things are teaching him how to be a productive member of society.

Here’s just a few things he’s done this school year that would have never happened if we didn’t live this lifestyle.  For reference, he is 12.

  • Building a trapper shack;
  • Learning how and driving on his own a D-6 CAT dozer;
  • Running a chain saw;
  • Learning how to and stacking on his own a wood pile;
  • Mechanics on chain saws, ATV’s, snow machines, and more;
  • Learning to clean, handle and fire guns;
  • Learning to use a bow and arrow;
  • Raising chickens and collecting eggs; and
  • Breeding bunnies.

I promise you he loves every moment of this lifestyle.  I also promise you that no matter where you homestead at, there are many different opportunities to be involved with groups, co-ops, and organizations where kids gather.  We may live in a secluded area, but he’s not secluded from kids his age.

As you can see here, having kids isn’t a reason NOT to homestead.  If anything, it’s a reason TO homestead.  Don’t let what others think stop you from finding peace and happiness.  Remember #2 in the post “5 Reasons You’re Stuck in the 9-5”?  If you haven’t read that post, I encourage you to check it out.

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